Speech Bubble is a young and developing charity that provides speech-focused drama workshops specifically for young people aged 5-24 with physical disabilities impacting on their communication skills.

Cerebral palsybrain injurycancer and stroke are conditions which can have an impact on a child’s ability to coordinate the muscles to produce sounds.

Communication and the ability to express ourselves is vital to everyone, but especially important for young people. A strong confident voice, reduces frustration, improves self-esteem and confidence. The young people we support already face huge social barriers to all kinds of opportunities, and that’s where Speech Bubble comes in! 

The main aim of  Speech Bubble Drama is to improve wellbeing amongst our young people by improving their communication skills and confidence with a view to improving social, educational and employment outcomes.

Speech Bubble promotes positive representation of disability in the arts and we believe in improving inclusion and integration into the wider community.

The charity has been successful in accessing grant assistance to recruit vocal facilitators and provide free drama workshop sessions. These are being delivered virtually due to current coronavirus restrictions, but these virtual sessions have allowed us to offer wider locational participation than would have been possible with a physical workshop.

Speech Bubble invites families from all over Scotland to

All of our young people have experienced fun activities with our vocal coaches in specifically designed sessions that are engaging and allow time and space to practice and improve speech skills.